Environment friendly playground for all

If you spend most of your vacations and holidays in a lovely playground then you are sure to be a lovely kid or a lovable parent. Kids like to spend their time by getting involved in various activities. They never get involved in a single activity at a stretch. They are talented multitaskers. Playground is the best place to keep them occupied. If you want to have a look at the busy bees just peep into a nearby play area. A kid would be playing in the slide. It may happen that her mom might get a phone call and she would be busy talking over the phone. Once she finishes her conversation, she will not find the kid in the same place. The kid would have jumped over to two or three other games. This is a very normal behaviour of a kid.

Kids and their love for variety

 It is not a big surprise if your kid says” Mommy, it’s so boring here. Take me to some other new playground”. It is the same kid who enjoyed playing in the playground, now wants to go to a new playground. Are you fed up of this behaviour? Confused why your kid behaves like this often? It’s simple. They like variety. They want to try new things often. As they grow, the usual slides and swings get bored. They want to try much bigger climber, slider and different challenges.  Assume you have two kids of age 3 and 10. Both like to play in a different environment outdoor learning environments . The smaller one would wish to play in the sand and get drenched in water. The bigger one would like to play in an area which has challenges for his age. Do you think it’s possible for you to take them to variety of playgrounds at the same time? Is it possible for you to travel from one end to the other to engage both the kids? It would be really challenging for you to find one that suits both your kids. Won’t it be great to have various play games as per the age under one roof? Yes, this is what we offer.

Games categorised based on the age group

We provide various games for the kids as per the age group. We understand the kid’s mind. We categorise the play area based on the ages.

  1. 0-2 Age groups- This is when the infants and toddlers need a special place and safe items to play with. Hence we had developed very small slides and tunnels based on their heights. Apart from the outdoor activity we have few indoor activities like shape box, sorters and similar play items.
  2. 2-5 Age groups-This is the age when physical, social and intellectual development comes in. We believe playing carefully with sand and water can help in the brain development. So we had allocated them safer and special areas like sand play, water play, tree play and similar areas to enjoy.
  3. 5-12 Age groups- We provide various obstacle based gaming for the growing children. Their physical strength is put to test. A little bit of difficult climbing, a small wall climbing activities and similar stuff may engage these kids.
  4. Common Play Area:  A special area is created where the kids can communicate freely with other kids in activities like role playing, observing and other such activities which involve more co-operations.


Special games for adults

After going through the above categories of games as per ages, you would surely be eager to ask us about one thing. Don’t you have anything for adults to get engaged in, would be your question, Right? Yes, we do provide certain games that the adults would love to do. We believe that playground is a best place to get you relieved from stress. Hence we have games like rock climbing, giant wall climbing, tree bridges, archeries, and lots more to vent out your stress. We also have certain fitness activities for the adults to get engaged with.

Recycled Plastics as Play Structures

We love children and hence we have created this playground. We also love nature so we do not want to create anything that affects the environment. The playground and play products are made from HDPE recycled plastic lumber.  Most of the item that your child uses here is from a recycled product. For example, Lamp posts are converted into safe swings here, even the discarder milk jugs turn into a useful play product in the playground.